HARTBLEI Digital 45mm Super-Rotator Tilt Shift Lens Medium Format

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General Notes
   The medium format wide-angle photographic lens MC TS-PC HARTBLEI 45mm / f=3.5 Super-Rotator has been designed for the professional photographers.
   Hartblei™ Tilt-Shift Lens Super-Rotator® was developed on demand of both photographers and movie makers giving the possibility to rotate the directions of the 8° tilt (with 1-degree-step) and 12mm shift independently of each other.
Hartblei™ Super-Rotator® shares many qualities, which are necessary in commercial, scientific and industrial photographical artworks. Because Hartblei™ Super-Rotator® is originally designed for middle-format systems, the provided image circle is much larger than a full frame sensor (24x36mm).
According to your needs you have big choice of applications such as
•       Perspective correction or distortion
•       Architectural artwork
•       Indoor artwork
•       Macro artwork
•       Commercial video
•       Panoramic picture (36mm (sensor size) + 12mm * 2 (right/left shift) = 60mm image size)

   Moreover, Hartblei™ Super-Rotator® gives the possibility to make pictures or videos under the conditions, which are typically not suitable for normal photography, like narrow space locations and non-desirable reflections, i.e. appearing the reflection of photographic equipment in the mirror.

   Hartblei™ Super-Rotator® has the 8-lens optical design with high-quality antireflective multilayer-coating and deep black matt interior. The barrel of each Hartblei Super-Rotator is individually justified together with specified lens mount achieving the best score of MTF measurement.  

  TS-PC Super-Rotator - a mechanism for perspective correction by tilting and shifting the lens in any direction.

Lens Mount Types
The lens TS-PC (Tilt-Shift) Super-Rotator is manufactured with Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Pentax 645 and Phase One bayonet.


Lens mount type -
Frame format -
Focal length -
Focusing -
Maximum aperture -
Aperture range -
Construction -
Angle of view -
Minimum focus -
Filter size -
Lens movement -
Shift movement range -
Tilt movement range -
Rotation movement range -
Dimensions -
Mamiya 645, Contax 645, Pentax 645, Phase One
6x6 cm (6x4.5 cm, 4.5x6 cm)
45 mm (equivalent to 24 mm focal length for a 35 mm cameras)
3.5 - 22 (manual)
8 elements in 7 groups
83° (98° with optical unit shifted)
0.35 m
Ø82 mm
TS-PC Super Rotator, both tilt and shift in any direction
0 to 12 mm in any direction
0 to 8° in any direction
360°, with click stops every 15°
Ø96x110 mm


Hartblei lens mount
: Phase One

Hartblei lens mount
: Pentax 645

Hartblei lens mount
: Mamiya 645

Hartblei lens mount
: Contax 645

Hartblei lens mount
: -- select --

Price: $ 2.200,00